Finmar Logistics Department has prepared itself with experienced and equipment to meet handling needs of all major projects, the company ‘s logistic experts plan and supervise the entire transport process down the most intricate of details including the prices adjustments of the physical infrastructure to accommodate any projects.

   We provide the following essentials to achieve the customer satisfaction

- Determination of equipment and producers required to transport cargo from the vessel to the final projects delivery site

- Following up the shipments at the exporters warehousing

- Communication the exporter’s agents

- Operating and following up the inland transportation of the shipment to port of loading

- Communicates the most fast and most inexpensive shipping line and appoints the A.T.D. and the E.TA., following up the shipping line from exporters and importers countries

We use multimodal transportation so we offer to our customers the best solution by shipping through our different agent all over the world using the combination of sea ,Air&land

Through our extensive experience we have managed to make the necessary links with the most reputable shipping lines that gives us the flexibility required to provide more frequent sailings additional vessel space and reliable schedules. also speed and quality that service includes the following ;

- Import  - Export  - General cargo  - Break bulk  - Containers  - RO/RO  - Conventional

Customs clearance facilities service
(import, export & transit)

Clearing is linked to the international transportation activities and customer services we are able to clear any products imported throughout Egypt we clear products for our customers to save there efforts and time spent in such a process and deliver to their premises mt freight is related to the customs authority computer center with terminals at Alexandria port and Cairo airport offices which enabler the customer to get any information concerning customs tariffs duties and taxes any commodity it also makes the customer able to obtain customs declaration numbers and calculate customs duties and taxes in advance
that service includes:

- Clearance  - Customs consulting  - Tariff and commodity  - Preparation of local documents  - Pre-clearance approvals  - Free zone and transit clearance

Draw back and temporary import clearance