X-PRESS FEEDERS started operations in 1972 out of South East Asia, and has grown to become the largest feeder carrier in the world.

We are
- the largest common carrier in terms of Shipper Owned Containers (SOC) carried
- the most geographically widespread feeder carrier
- 24th on the AXS global ranking of container ship operators

Independent carrier
What sets us apart as a group is that we are an independent feeder carrier that does not own, lease or operate any containers.
X-PRESS FEEDERS provides transportation services only to container ship operators and not to proprietary cargo interests or the general shipping public. The term “Shipper” herein and in this region refers only to container ship operators.

This means
- we don’t compete with our customers, allowing us to act as a trustworthy and completely impartial sub-contractor.
- we are the largest common carrier in terms of Shipper Owned Containers (SOC) carried and have the economies of scale in our backroom services to compete the most efficent.

Our team
Globally, we have a 200-strong team of highly trained and motivated shipping specialists who understand our customers’ needs and provide them with effective feeding solutions.

A caring company
At X-PRESS FEEDERS, we believe in giving back to the communities in many of the places our ships call.
We support
- educational, child welfare and alleviation of poverty projects
- free shipping of books and equipment to charities


X-PRESS FEEDERS* is the largest independent feeder carrier in the world, providing a wider geographic coverage than any other.

Who is X-Press Feeders?

  • The most Geographically diverse Feeder Carrier business in the World.
  • None of the boxes we carry belong to us, so we do not compete with any of our customers.
  • 80 ships, from 250teu to 4000+teu effective.
  • Ranked Top-25 Container operator by capacity (AXS-Alphaliner).
  • 3.6 million TEUs (2013)
  • ‘Group 5′ P & I (West of England).

What is an SOC Common Carrier?

  • No containers of their own.
  • Not owned by, or aligned to, any particular MainLine carrier.
  • Network open to all owners of containers.

Why do SOC Feeders exist?
Because we can offer:

  • A variable cost rather than a locked-in fixed cost
  • A better frequency than an individual player.
  • Scale = slot cost effectiveness.
  • Single-minded focus on the feeder product.