Normed is a leading shipping company  ..

committed to bring the best solution to customers’ transportation needs with a team of specialist on the job 7 days a week 24 hours a day. We provide regular liner services between the Europe and Mediterranean, in particular Turkey for all general cargo, steels, projects and heavy lifts.

Normed is well-known
for its diversity in services. Many of the services we provide are tailor-made to meet any and all of the
requirements of shippers and receivers. Our logistic solutions makes Normed a unique and fully-equipped company with professional know-how, vast experience and a vision that anticipates problems before they happen.

Our specialized and experienced team
in the Istanbul and Antwerp offices has the knowledge to provide tangible solutions to our clients. We are firmly planted in the realities and demands of the business world today,
but are always looking toward the future in order to anticipate the needs of our clients. As a customer-oriented company, we are quick to respond to the changes of our customers’ shipping needs in the fastest and most professional way.
Normed is committed to reliable and quality service at the most competitive prices.