Obligation and Duties

Our obligations and duties are the following:

  1. Obtainment of quick berth.
  2. Accelerating discharging operation.
  3. Ensure quickest possible dispatch.
  4. Preparing the statement of facts and time sheets and follow settlement of dispatch/demurrage.
  5. Following cargo documentation in order to dispatch vessels commercial operations.
  6. See to it that you receive promptly full documentation covering the discharge of vessels such as copies nor, sof, captain bills, outrun reports, etc…duly signed parties concerned.
  7. Marketing and securing the possible shipments in order to ensure sufficient cargo to all vessels calling Egyptian ports.
  8. Following up very closely the collection of ocean freight for all shipments basis destination collect.
  9. With respect to disputes under contracts and/or charter parties, to furnish you with all relevant documentation supporting your position.
  10. Give full support to master and crew.
  11. Containing receivers enabling us to deliver their cargo delivery/formalities.
  12. Securing service from door to door.
  13. Any other services may necessary to make your business successful and lucrative.



- Provides a first class service to our growing list of international clients.

- Matches our clients requirements with well balanced competitive solutions.

- Ensure a responsible balance between safety, environmental and commercial     awareness.

- Ensuring loyalty and commitment in our staff to our clients.

- Conduct frequent critical appraisals of our performance.

Our main objective in serving our principals is to gain their confidence by putting our performance into safeguarding their interests to the best of our ability. 

Besides, FINMAR are in good relationship with shippers, receivers, NVOCC, forwarders, agents, shipping lines, maritime chambers and competent authorities in EGYPT, which we can rely on their assistance and co-operation when solving any problems and/or disputes within the frame work of the Egyptian local port regulations.

FINMAR have an extensive database and a proven history records that would be available to share with any esteem company. Supported by new technology, reliable communication and our human resources, FINMAR shall insure a quality service is provided to their clients.

At present, FINMAR successfully obtained certification for ISO-9002 as a confirmation of its quality service it offers to its clients. FINMAR ARE READY FOR OFFERING A FIRST QUALITY SHIPPING SERVICES